School Time And Moving Districts

Dated: 08/07/2018

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It's already almost school time! It's also time for families to think about moving to get their kids into a good school district. Home-buyers are willing to sacrifice access to nearby shopping, parks, and other amenities in exchange for a location in the school district of their choosing - and they're willing to pay more. When surveyed, only seven percent of buyers said that school districts are not important to them when looking for a new home. 

When you are out searching for the home of your dreams near the perfect school, here are some things you'll need to do:

1. Make a list of what else is important for your family - and rank those factors. Do you need a large home? How about a nice backyard? Maybe you need a big garage. Know your priorities. 

2. Download our Millions Mapped app to find a home. While searching you will see this icon: 

Image title

    This is a school pin. It shows which  schools are near the properties you are searching. 

3. Get a list of questions ready for your Realtor while you're out looking for homes. Ask about things that matter to you and your family. Your agent will have questions for you too to make sure you're getting your perfect home. 

Happy hunting, and good luck to all the students this year as they head back to school!

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